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Unfortunately, there have been more than a few patients who got more than what they bargained for with the DePuy Synthes Attune Knee Implant. If it’s you or a loved one, you need to do what’s necessary to get the problem highlighted and fixed. You’re not alone and this means it’s easier for your case to be heard.

The DePuy Synthes Attune Knee Implant System is used when people are having full knee replacement surgery. However, what is supposed to help people to gain mobility is causing just the opposite problem. The device is failing prematurely, often within months of having the surgery.

There are a number of problems people are having. This includes instability and loosening. If you put weight on it and the knee moves sideways or backwards, this might be happening to you. Unusual swelling is also a problem that’s being seen. The product might cause swelling because the knee lining becomes inflamed. There might also be a lot of fluid buildup that needs to be drained.

Other problems include persistent pain as well as warmth or heat coming from the knee. Some sensations are normal following surgery. However, if it’s continuing to happen several months later, it might be because the implant has failed. It’s best to know than to make assumptions about what’s going on. After all, it is your health that’s at stake.

Some of the symptoms have already been submitted to the FDA. This includes the components changing position, infection, disassociation of the insert, tibial loosening, along with patello-femoral tracking-lateral release.

The devices have been known to fracture, shed metal debris, lose ossointegration, prematurely wear, and fail to bond entirely. The worst part about it is that the FDA has been made aware of the problem and yet it’s still being used in knee surgeries.

It doesn’t matter whether your surgery happened several months or several years ago. If you’re experiencing problems, it’s important to identify that what you’re going through is not normal. Doctors have come forth and admitted that there is a problem with the Attune system and you’re not alone in your suffering.

You don’t want to suffer alone. Further, you don’t want to be the one to deal with all of the medical bills that are likely going to roll in as you try and replace the implant. This is when it’s important to file a lawsuit. An experienced attorney will make it possible for you to learn more about what your rights are.

A cash settlement might be possible – and this is just what you need to move past the medical problems you have dealt with. You or a loved one went to get a knee replacement to make the problem better, not worse. It’s possible to bring your case to justice when you work with an attorney.

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