Compensation May Be Due HIV Patients Who Took Truvada and Risked Dangerous Side Effects

More than 600,000 American HIV patients who took Truvada could have been put at risk when the manufacturer decided to keep a safer lifesaving drug off the market for a decade. If you or a loved one suffered broken bones and kidney failure after taking antiretroviral drugs known as Truvada or tenofovir, you may be able to win significant compensation for your resulting pain, suffering and medical expenses.

Truvada, also known as TDF, has been the most often prescribed HIV drug on the world market in its class of nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors. Since 2001, sales have exceeded $11 billion annually. During the years HIV positive patients relied on TDF as a front-line retroviral treatment, drug manufacturer Gilead Sciences, Inc. received three separate FDA warning letters for failing to mention the dangerous side effects of bone and kidney risks in its Truvada marketing.

Truvada Users Risked More Side Effects

Research shows Truvada users are more prone to kidney failure and broken bones than other HIV positive patients.

One study found users lost between 2 percent and 6 percent of their bone mineral density in the first two years of Truvada treatment. While accelerated loss is a typical side effect of HIV, tenofovir drugs accelerate the osteoporosis that frequently results in fractures, particularly in the wrists, hips and spine. In most cases, Truvada osteoporosis is first detected when a patient breaks a bone.

A second study found that Truvada or TDF increases the risk for chronic kidney disease and acute renal failure more than other HIV treatments. The University of California – San Francisco research found the risk of chronic kidney disease for 10,000 patients increased a significant 33 percent for each year they took Truvada.

Manufacturer Shelved a Safer Drug

California-based Gilead Sciences, Inc., started testing a safer antiretroviral known as TAF early in the 2000s but shelved its development and release until shortly before the company’s Truvada patent expired in 2018, according to critics. In 2016, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation filed a lawsuit against Gilead Sciences alleging the drug manufacturer was blocking affordable access to a lifesaving HIV drug.

Critics say the delay was strategically planned to prolong Gilead’s patent on the highly profitable tenofovir drugs. Shelving TAF preserved the drug company’s multi-billion-dollar annual earnings on tenofovirs, while HIV patients continued to suffer serious and avoidable Truvada side effects for another 10 years following the successful first TAF clinical trials.

Gilead’s eventual release of TAF was structured so that the safer drug would not qualify for a new patent, critics say. The strategy extends Gilead’s patent on TAF products and now prevents other companies from offering cheaper generic versions through 2032.

You Deserve Compensation for Suffering

Has the company that knowingly put you and thousands of other HIV patients at risk for broken bones and kidney problems paid you a dime?

You deserve compensation if you or a loved one have suffered as a result of taking the dangerous Truvada drug. Filing a lawsuit is the only way to secure compensation for medical bills, missed time at work, pain, suffering and losses that resulted from Truvada’s side effects of kidney failure and weakened bones.

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