size 11-18 mm speed 30 km / h Weight 80 mg (workers), 50-300 mg (Queen) Lifetime six weeks to 6 months (workers, drones); 6 years (Queen) nutrition nectar, pollen enemies birds, rodents, reptiles, insects habitat globe except Antarctica order Genuine beer family Apinae subfamily honeybees Scientific. Name Apis mellifera features tends to make peoples, yellow-brown body.Bees are insects that primarily are known to create honey and to stab with their sting. Honeybees live in colonies with ten,000 to 80,000 bees. This really is also called states and colonies.

How is honey?Bees gather nectar from flowers with her trunk goblets. The nectar is in its so-called honey stomach or its honey bladder and is converted there into honey. To z. to provide as larvae so, the bee regurgitates the sweet liquid.Why make honey?Since it tastes so really good with milk! OK . Now, given that they discover it even tasty? This might be. The real explanation is that they desire it to survive the winter. Wasps, hornets and bees die within the winter and not just some, however the comprehensive folk, except for the queens who survive in hibernation. Queen bees but not tolerate these hibernation. They plastered the sugar-sweet honey to sustain their body temperature. A large thank you for the smaller pollen tractor!? Video: 28 interesting facts about honey bees (opens video on YouTube)You can find 3 forms of bees inside a hive:? worker bees.Most bees within a colony are female bees and so-called workers. They collect pollen and nectar to care for the larvae, make wax, construct the honeycomb, hold the hive clean and defend him. The worker bees fly everyday to up to 40 million flowers.The drones are male bees. They fertilize the eggs on the Queen, but don’t collect pollen and no nectar and have no sting. Drones are bigger, possess a wider physique and larger compound eyes than the workers.

? The queen bee.There is certainly only a single queen in a hive. It’s significantly larger and longer than the workers and drones. A queen bee can reside as much as six years and puts on every day to thesis defense lay 2,000 eggs – a total of up to two million in their lives.There is a queen bee?No, the male bees are all drones.Honey bee – Photo: szefei / Shutterstock.The bee dance – or “Sing and swing the leg!”Just visualize: you can get definitely top delicious nectar and can look just a little of it tucked under his arms. You return for your hive and your buddies want to tell about it. But how? Bees can not talk. And yet they could verklickern their peers, where the substance is by dancing!They run a brief distance straight ahead when moving her butt back and forth. After that, they dance a semicircle about alternately left and right. How long they wiggle the butt plus the angle at which grooving, it gives knowledge on the direction and distance to the tasty stuff is inside the. The other bee quilting immediately after them, internalize the choreography and try to smell the pollen memorize just before losstiefeln itself.Bee bee? Far from it.

There can be over 20,000 bee species worldwide.Importance towards the ecosystem.Lots of plants depend on bees for pollination, given that otherwise they can not reproduce. Particularly wild bees (and bumblebees) provide for the conservation of biological diversity, simply because within the spring pollinate flowers currently when honeybees are usually not but active.What if a bee stings?A bee sting is barbed. Inside a sting, he gets stuck within the skin. The bee dies.How lots of bee stings can a man survive?He who’s not allergic to bee stings 20 per kg physique weight can endure. For any man with 80 kg of weight that will be greater than 1,500 bites.Why use beekeeper smoke?If beekeepers would like to get the honey in the combs, they have not just a protective suit, but additionally obscure smoke. The smoke suggests a forest fire. The animals are inside a panic and collect to sting emergency rations alternatively. It really is like when we attempt to save items out with the apartment before she burns (which you are able to not do, certainly, but should bring superior security).The toilet flight.His true name is clean air, however the term “toilet flight” without delay conveys what it really is;) Well, bees “have time”. In winter, it is actually not so straightforward, considering that there they would freeze and to relieve himself in the hive is just not a very good idea for the reason that thereby may spread pathogens. The bees therefore resist it, till it out again has at the least 10 degrees Celsius. Then they can outside to defecate. Specially in spring, when several bees fly out at when, it is possible to see the fecal stains – and in distinct vehicles – as yellow dots visible.Honey bee – Photo: Yuttasak Jannarong / Shutterstock


Bees place enemies inside the “sauna”!Bees have no chance against hornets? Because they’re clever, some honey bees can however hornets einheizen fairly. And this can be meant literally. When a Späherhornisse is caught in the vicinity of a beehive, form several dozen bees a sphere around the hornet. Beat vigorously with its wings and raise the temperature inside the ball so at 45 degrees. That will not pack the hornet painless. She dies and may not return to their persons, which they would otherwise reveal exactly where the bees have their base. Some honey bees can survive for a short time even at a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius.Polarized light.Incidentally, honeybees can see and thereby z-polarized light. B. find out the direction. Additional in the animal reality sheet for mantis shrimp!A lot more knowledge: bees can count to 4 bee or wasp – Where may be the difference? Hummel profile Wasp profile Watch Now on Video: Animal teams – for example bees.Honey bee – Photo: Daniel Prudek / Shutterstock.Note: So long as you are students, you prefer to be allowed towards the details because the basis for your presentation, poster, spreadsheet, presentation, presentation or homework within the classroom at school use. We have researched all of the material carefully, will need to nevertheless be an error crept in, create us an email.