Prof. Dr. Frank Weidner has held the Chair of Nursing Science. Right here the teaching of specialist principles and developments in care and their science is connected in teaching. The theoretical basis and practical as socially relevant reflection of care is developed in line with the international and national normal solutions and procedures of Nursing Science. In the analysis is primarily for the systematization on the concepts along the nursing and therapeutic spectrum. In addition to empirical approaches contributions made foundation of nursing science in the center. , For much more information and facts, content and materials.

Lecturer Dr. Henrike Sappok Laue.(Analysis) projects. right here.Division of Gerontological Care.Prof. Dr. Hermann Brandenburg has held the chair of Gerontological Care. Science theory, the Gerontological Care crystal report writing must be designated as a new field, which relies mainly on analysis findings in the major disciplines gerontology and nursing science. Also, insights and perspectives from medicine, biology, psychology, sociology, philosophy and theology are thought of. So the Gerontological nursing is understood from the beginning as an interdisciplinary project for the reason that aging and care ultimately represent difficulties and challenges that can only be answered from a extensive and inclusive perspective. The aim of those efforts is definitely an evaluation in addition to a deeper understanding of care circumstances of older people inside the family, institutional and spatial context. , For a lot more material, content and materials.Teams / staff Judith Bauer.

(investigation) projects. right here.Department of Statistics and standardized strategies of care research.Prof. Dr. Albert Brühl has held the chair for Statistics and standardized methods of nursing analysis. Right here in teaching basic expertise to manage empirically richer troubles are taught in nursing. Central right here may be the competent use of proper solutions. , For even more material, content material and materials.Teams / staff Dorothea Reichert.Lecturer Thomas Knappich.(Analysis) projects. right here.Division of Methodology and Qualitative strategies in nursing and well being study.JProf. Dr. Sabine Nover has held the chair for Methodology and Qualitative procedures in nursing and wellness research. Concerns on the Approaches Application and method improvement is going to be treated to the Chair. The concentrate is on interpretive study methods that will produce answers for typical or frequent or uncommon difficulties of nursing science. These approaches are specifically vulnerable groups guided by theory a lot more or redeveloped. In the center will be the question of how it’s conceivable, each particular person irrespective of their cognitive or communicative abilities in study involving such a way that they’re able to even make their case, their views, their requirements clearly.

nursing and overall health science is seen not merely as a sensible science: produce dependable data for the practice to concern recommendations for action plus the reaction are to evaluate crucial issues that happen to be processed in the department. Theory for Wellness and Nursing Science would be the second pillar on which the work is primarily based in the Division, as scientific theory required to become in a position to produce substantial statements.Chair: Care Policy and Ethics in nursing.Prof. Dr. phil. Helen coals developed the Division of Care policy and ethics in nursing in connection to international theories and concepts. Primarily based on comparative research of Care – systems and arrangements it represents the future care-related issues of new approaches to welfare state evaluation the focus of their investigation. Questions of participation of nursing in bioethics and biopolitics are among their priorities. , For much more facts, content material and components.Staff / personnel Mara Kaiser.Lecturer Dr. Rainer Schäfer.