Yasmin Side Effects

More than 13,000 Sue Over Birth-Control Medication Yasmin Manufacturer Bayer Pays Plaintiffs More than $1.2 billion Yasmin is a common birth-control medication prescribed to women that studies have linked to many serious, including some potentially life-threatening, side effects. After receiving more than 12,000 lawsuits, Yasmin’s manufacturer, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, expects to give patients over $1.2 billion. […]

Yasmin Class Action

Women who take Yasmin or Yaz have an expectation that the medication would prevent pregnancy without threatening their lives. Sadly, for many women the side effects of Yasmin have been tragic and life-threatening. Ocella is a generic substitute for Yasmin and is made and sold by Teva Pharmaceuticals. Gianvi is a generic form of Yaz […]

Yasmin Recall

Yasmin Recall Comes from Manufacturing Conditions Being Poor Severe Health Problems Result from Yasmin Contraceptive If you have been taking Yasmin as a contraceptive and have experienced significant side effects or health problems, you may be eligible for legal representation. Migraines, chest pain, heart attacks and various other health conditions have been caused by Yasmin. […]

Yasmin Lawsuits

Yasmin Lawsuits Yasmin is a birth control pill manufactured and marketed by the Bayer Corporation that has been on the market since 2001. Another firm is marketing a generic version of the pill with the brand name Ocella. Over the past few years, complaints of serious adverse side effects have surfaced about this pharmaceutical formula, […]


Yasmin is a popular birth control pill that is designed to prevent ovulation. Its main purpose is to be used as contraception in order to prevent pregnancy. In addition, the drug can be used as an acne treatment for women and girls 14 years and older. These women need have already begun having their menstrual […]