Rhino Class Action

The Yamaha Rhino is one of a new breed of off-road vehicle design that has become popular in the last few years. The Rhino provides side-by-side seating for two passengers, along with a utility box designed like a tiny pickup truck bed mounted behind the riders. The seating area is surrounded by a roll cage. […]

Rhino Lawsuit

Yamaha introduced its Rhino utility terrain vehicle (UTV) in 2003. The Rhino is a two seat off-road vehicle that is slightly longer and higher than most ATVs and has a cargo box on the back that functions as a miniature pickup truck bed. The Rhino as it was built from 2003 to 2007 had no […]

Rhino Recalls

Rhino Recalls The Yamaha Rhino Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) was introduced in 2003. UTVs are small four-wheeled off-road machines that generally provide two seats inside a roll cage, with a small walled bed in the back, reminiscent of a pickup truck. They are generally higher off the ground than the traditional four wheeled ATV and […]

Rhino Rollover

Yamaha has had great success with its all terrain vehicles (ATVs) and personal watercraft. In 2003 the company introduced its Rhino utility terrain vehicle (UTV), a four wheeled two passenger vehicle that takes the ATV in the direction of a miniature off-road pickup truck. When it was introduced, however, there was no body structure other […]