Xolair Recall

What is Xolair? Xolair is an asthma medication that is manufactured by Genentech. The generic, omalizumab, and the branded drug were approved by the FDA in 2003 for anyone over the age of 12. It is able to treat moderate and severe asthma that is persistent in children and adults. It can treat asthma caused […]

Xolair Side Effects

Anaphylactic Shock as a Result of Using Xolair Xolair Side Effects Have Led to Black Box Warning and Lawsuits If you or a loved one has been prescribed Xolair to help with asthma, you may be experiencing life-threatening side effects and you’re not alone. Anaphylaxis and other health problems have been a result of taking […]

Overwhelming Side Effects from Xolair Asthma Medications in Court

Xolair Omalizumab, manufactured by Genentch, is an injectable medication for the treatment of persistent, moderate to severe, asthma in patients with a positive in vitro reactivity or skin test to a perennial aeroallergen or asthma symptoms that are poorly controlled on an inhaler with corticosteroids. Their asthma symptoms are brought on by airborne allergens like […]

Xolair Lawsuit

Xolair Side Effects The medication Xolair (generic name omalizumab) was introduced by Genentech in 2003 as a drug for patients with persistent chronic asthma who respond poorly to traditional treatments. Xolair is meant for asthma sufferer who test positive for allergic reaction to perennial airborne triggers such as pollen, grass or dust. Patients that are […]


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