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  1. When I had my mirena it ruined everything about me..
    So many infections so many trips to the hospital
    I only bleed a few hours a month now after it being out since last year
    No sign of being pg it ..
    I have kidney issues and so many more so insure what is going on

  2. Same here says:

    Had back surgery in 1996 had steel rods and screws in my back have nerve damagebnow in both legs also started about 4 months ago have very bad pain in my left shoulder they cannot find out what is wrong also have nad dics at c-4567 and the one pain med they give me dors hardly anytjing for mt pain so i am in pain totally from my neck all the way down to my toes and it gets old living in pain like tjis 24-7

    • can relate big time!!!!!! stuck in bed now!!!!! used to work with help from pain medication!!!! because i wouldn’t give my ex my pain medication he told my new dr. that i was abusing them!!!!! they believed him!!!! now been stuck in bed with horrible pain!!!! the burning of my arms , legs , neck hurting so bad!!!! after chiropractors my head went numb and major headaches!!!! if i do anything my face goes numb for days!!!! all i can do is lay there and not move!!!! can’t afford emergency room !!!!! co pays are to expensive!!!! i have no money coming in and head of household with child!!!! ruining my child’s life!!!!

    • Cheryl Harrell says:

      I injured my neck about 15 years ago! My bones in my neck fragmented and the hospital missed it. A few months later my whole left side was paralyzed. Luckily I had a very good Neurosurgeon who untangled the nerves that were in between my bones that were cutting the nerves. I got most of my feeling back except for the calf in my left leg. Needless to say I started to have lower back pain and they did surgery to help that! Now 15 years later I had to have the rods and plates in my cervical and lumbar! I still have pain but with pain medicine it is manageable! I wish you luck in finding your problem! The reason for my cage in my back was because the L5 was week and my L432 and S1 was picking up the load….same thing with my neck!?

  3. Look forward to hearing from someone I had Levaquin throughout my medical problems cervical and uterine cancer DNC hysterectomy chemo and radiation radiation implant please call me 260-485-4676 260 206-2207

  4. Barbara Rogers says:

    I have been reading some of the post on here…WOW, I have everything they are talking about! The back and neck PAIN. Fusions, still have cronic back pain they are calling it DDD. But I get no releif. The iud I had in 84 had to come out after 3 mos. Because it was inbedded and causing major cramping and bleeding. I missed alot of work because of it! I had to have a hysterectomy in 1989 because I had ovarian cancer and my ovaries were covered with cyst my ovary was the size of a grapefruit and they kept rupturing.

  5. Phyllis Thompson says:

    Did I fill out the right cause and effect, I thought this was about spinal fusions, AM I wrong, or on the wrong site, I haven’t seen any other fusions mentioned, If this is about IUDS, I’m on the wrong page, what happened with the problems with fusions of the spine?

    • I don't know I missed the one about the fusions of the spine if you find out let me know please thanks hun says:

      Did you ever find out what site it was for the fusions of the spine

  6. I had the iud in for about 4 years with no problems, then it caused
    A cyst on my right fallopian tube.. i had it removed so that my husband and i could get pregnant and 3 years now it’s been removed and absolutely no signs of pregnancy at all.. But iam wondering has anyone personally that submitted for this got any help or answers yet??

    • I have had female probs my whole life ….i am also without child…i had what was suppose to be a preg which nothing growing inside of the sack nothing….weird had a few miscarriages and also ovarian cancer….i have used j&j babypowder and lotion my entire life im 45 and had cancer at 19 or 20

  7. Gary R Conner says:

    I’m in so much pain these days it unbearable !!! I’m so tired of taking pain meds & muscle relaxer’s just so I can make it through the day . My surgery has affect my life in soooooooo many ways (in a bad way) plz call me !!! 478-258-1240

    • You and me both as well as many others I'm sure. But I thoughtthis was about Abilify which destroys your ability to think rationally about gambling? Am I missing something says:

      Apparently I’m not on the right link not only am I in pain day after day I also lost everything dear To me. My house as well as the contents and first And foremost my mind!

  8. Had my Mirena taken out at the end of 2013 because it was causing me awful pains and found out it was infected. In may of 2014 I suffered a ruptured tubal pregnancy I lost my right tube and my baby and I blame this iud I had two kids before this and never had any other kinds of miscarriages

  9. Kimberly Jones says:

    I got marina in 2004 I had it in for maybe 3 years and I got it taken out because I wasn’t having peroids and it was coming out anyway, my husband was feeling it when we would have sex. Then I still never had a peroid and then I had to have a dnc and laporaposki (however you spell it) to start having peroid again and found endometriosis and large cysts. The doctor said I may never get pregnant again and I did a year later and now I am finding out I have pelvic prolapse (my uterus is falling out)

    • lacey moore says:

      I had marina for several years but my peorid became heavier then i can explain even severe pain in my uterus then it ripped out ripping my insides,to point i was at hospital by that night every since then iv had nothing but pain n horrible peorids i hv a dr apt scheduled bc ee think i hv a cyst on my overies now even sex is painful and its been several years thay its been out

    • lacey moore says:

      I had marina for several years but my peorid became heavier then i can explain even severe pain in my uterus then it ripped out ripping my insides,to point i was at hospital by that night every since then iv had nothing but pain n horrible peorids i hv a dr apt scheduled bc ee think i hv a cyst on my overies now even sex is painful and its been several years thay its been out i want to know more about side effect to know if they are related bc my health issues are in abundace now

  10. Deborah Williams says:

    Performed in 08? Left with drop foot and chronic pain. I had to retire medically from ups in Glibe Az. I’m not sure what procedure and what was used during my surgery. My doc was doc Brice Leiberman of Phoenix az

  11. Don’t noif i qualifie or not but ive had the Merina IUD implant twice. was not aware of any side affects an was reasured after IUD was removed would be able to conceive. First IUD was removed because was causeing sever pain to my partner after being but several times. Than desided to have IUD implant put back in to prevent pregnacy. Just removed in july of 2013 in hope of consiveing but no luck.

  12. Hi I’m 23 years old I got the iud when I was 17 right after I had my daughter so I had it from 2009-2013 I got married an my husband an I wanted to start to have more kids couldn’t get pregnant for a long time then in October of 2013 I found out I was 6 weeks an then at 9 weeks found out it was egtopic so they gave me a shot saved my right tube an then we went on then in January of 2015 we found out we was pregnant again so we went to all our doc apt an found out it was an egtopic pregancy again but this time in my left tube so they gave me a shot an it failed an my tube ruptured that night an I lost my left tube they went it an checked my right tube to see why this happened 2 times in a row an found that my right tube has do much scare tissue that it will catch every time so now I can’t have kids anymore an I was told the iud was completely safe an now i can’t have kids i need answers I’m angry an confused an heart broken.! Hope my case is good enough to be looked at.!

  13. Joanne Medrano-Ball says:

    Received Marena 3 months after I had my son in 2006. I got married the following year and my husband and I have been trying to have children since 2008 when the Marena was removed. I have excessive weight gain, abnormal periods and have not been able to conceive since 2008. My periods were normal and regular before the Marena and I have 8 pregnancies and 3 live children before then. My periods last for two months at a time and every three months I hemorrhage like I’m having a miscarriage. This has taken a toll on my marriage and on me personally

  14. Mark Bowley says:

    Please call me 936-254-2699. I have had two different fusion, Dr. Gordon in 2001 in Tyler, Texas and Dr. Milani in Dallas, Texas. Now the Dr. tell me that I will have to live in Chronic Back Pain rest of my life. And got Nerve Damage, that I will have to live with the rest of my life.

  15. I had my mirena put in in 2012. I just recently had it taken out due to loss of sexual sensation.I still cannot feel inter course.I have also had PID twice and never had it before I keep being told that it couldn’t be from my IUD but no one can explain what its from. I know that’s what did it.

  16. sue roberts says:

    Yes I would like someone to call me about this. Last month I received several calls about this but I couldn’t understand what they were saying and didn’t realize it was about this. I even asked them where they got my name and they couldn’t answer me do I told them not to call me again. So please have someone call me again that I can understand what they are saying
    Thank you.

  17. In 2014 I got my Mirena taken out because it had caused me a lot of pain and I had found I had a cyst on both my ovary’s an now I keep tryna get pregnant well I miscarried because of these cyst and me and my family are devastated at the fact I can’t have anymore children the doctor told me I would never have children again and I already have two and both pregnancy were fine well now BC of that IUD I’m enable to have anymore I feel bad for all people that have suffered what I’ve been through I will be sure to tell all my friends about how bad this birth control is

  18. I’ve had a Mirena. A long time.
    It was very hard to put it. And remove. They put in a new one same thing. She almost gave up insertion. Since then I have right quadrant pain level 5-6. They keep saying its nothing. It’s not nothing, it hurts.
    I also have increased migraines now.

  19. I had a pinched nerve in my neck and had surgery done my neck didn’t fuzz so for a year I worked in pain had the second surgery done and didn’t get to go back to work I am disabled now due to the surgerys from working to social security my income is half I really wish someone would look over my case and call me its easier to do over the phone

  20. I had the mirena iud as my form of birth control after having my second child. I had so much pain and bleeding, i had it removed. I found out i was pregnant right after it was removed only to have a miscarriage of twins. One a natural way, One was ectopic. I got pregnant again and lost that baby as well. I have since had another child but also a complete hysterectomy due to endometriosis, and many other issues. I believe the mirena definitely played a role in my health problems.

  21. I had the IUD for 1 year and got it taken out in hopes of conceiving and have found that I’m now no longer able….

    • Im terrified! Ive had the Merina IUD in twice back in july of 2013 had my 2nd IUD in hopes of conceiving its now going on almost two yrs an no answers i wanna second child so badly an all of these lawsuits an recalls an side effects are terrifying me.

  22. Please call me it’s would be easier for me to explain over the phone. I have been having problems with my naval from the removal of my hysterectomy it like it gets infected and has a very bad oder and gets really red around the area if you could please let me know something about a case or not thank you

  23. after 18 yes 18 surgeries and neuropathy . I would like some better understanding instead of surgeons saying failed spine surgery.

  24. Tiffany Neville says:

    I had the IUD from 2009 to 2014, i had it over 5 years because an OB at Miami valley said it was safe, from the time I got it in I had so many problems, endometriosis a cycts on my right overie, then when I get it takin out I get pregnant a month a long and they are now telling my I maybe having an eptopic pregnancy now so I’ve been thru hell with all of this, and I want answers!

  25. Stephanie says:

    Got it in 2008 after I had my son. Got it taken out 4 years later and cant seem to get pregnant now. Don’t know if I qualify

  26. I had the mirena put in in 2011 it somehow “fell out ” or somthing I’m not sure I used the. Bathroom was done went to wipe and I was lightly bleeding looked in toliet and their was my mirena I took it to my obgyn but no explations as to why it came. Out I right after got pregnant I didn’t plan the pregnancy do I qualify or is this a waist of time

  27. I had to have a hystarectamy at 27 due to.cyat that came and one ruptured. ovaries. And also i sent my evauation and relised i forgot a digit number u have the last four the 1st3.are 697

  28. I got my mirena in 2006 and had severe c4amping. I didn’t have insurance so I suffered through the pain. I finally found a low cost clinic and got it removed. The pain did not stop. I had my tubes tied and things got worse. I ended up needing and ablation and then a partial hysterectomy. Now with just my ovaries I have a lot of painful spasms in my vaginal that the pain buckles me over. Also have depression issues.

  29. Had it in 2009 and had it removed due to infection. Now I have reoccurring pid all the time and pelvic and back pain daily. Its disrupting my life. I feel like a prisoner in my body. Been to several drs and had 3 surgeries and still no relief. Please help me!

  30. After I had my daughter in 2011 I had gotten the mirena put in. about 2-3 months later it was taken out… since then i have had alot of burning in my pelvic which has made it a complaint in working. I have been having problems getting pregnant. Have recently found out I have pelvic inflammatory disease. What can I do?

  31. cassandra says:

    Hello I had the iud put in in 2000 a few months later I had to get removed for severe pain from this time on I went through so much suffering they told me I got endometriosis I believe this iud caused this I have always blamed the iud I ended up with a few surgerys and was still in pain bad I gad a parcial historectomy and still didn’t help now I suffer from depression even more they took all my insides out and I cant have kids anymore thank god I have my 3 I would love one more but cant I don’t know if I will qualify

  32. oneida navarrete says:

    I Oneida Navarrete, use mirena in 2012, I could only use for 2 months and a half, I had to withdraw because I had excessive bleeding.
    In 2014 I got pregnant and lost my baby at 13 weeks of pregnancy due to blood clots in the matrix. Prior to this event,I had 3 babies with no problems.
    I wonder if I qualify for a case with you. Thank you.

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