Quasense Recall

Quasense is an oral contraceptive manufactured by Watson Pharmaceuticals. It is a generic version of the birth control drug called Seasonale that is made and marketed by DuraMed Pharmaceuticals.  Seasonale was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2003. It was a unique kind of birth control as it alters a […]

Quasense Side Effects

Women seeking affordable and convenient birth control in Quasense found themselves with a life-threatening blood clot. The Extended Birth Control Pill Caused Misery for Its Users Women’s monthly menstrual cycle is an inconvenience for some and literally a pain for others. When long-term birth control came on the market, women rejoiced that they were finally […]

Quasense Lawsuits

Quasense Lawsuits Info Quasense is an oral contraceptive manufactured and marketed by Watson Labs. It is a generic version of the patented contraceptive Seasonale, produced by DuraMed Pharmaceuticals and licensed in 2003 by the FDA. Seasonale was the among the first “extended cycle” oral contraceptive, a pill that alters menstrual cycles so that they occur […]


Watson Labs introduced the extended-cycle birth control pill Quasense after FDA approval in September 2006.  Since that time, women have used the drug with mixed success.  While it does a good job as an oral contraceptive, it also can be dangerous.  There are numerous cases of serious side effects and there have been a number […]