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Zofran Birth Effects

Have you, or anyone you know, ever taken a drug known as Zofran? It was originally prescribed as a anti-nausea and anti-vomiting medication to pregnant women. Due to its intense and diverse effects on the human body, the drug is causing numerous birth defects in unborn children. Read further to find out whether you are […]

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Fireplace Burns

If you, a family member, or other loved one have been using a fireplace to keep your property or personal self warm, you may have unknowingly subjected yourself to injury. Read further to gain further insight into whether you may be entitled to financial compensation for any medical treatments or physical harm caused. REVEALED: FIREPLACE […]

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If you have ever taken the medication known as Onglyza to help enhance glycemic control associated with Type II diabetes, you may have unknowingly been increasing your risks of having a heart attack or developing other harmful conditions. Read further to discover whether you may be eligible for financial compensation for damaging health ailments or […]

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Zofran Lawsuits

If you have ever used a medication known as Zofran during pregnancy, cancer treatments, and/or after surgery, you may have unknowingly increased your risks for harming yourself and your unborn child. Read on to find out whether you can receive monetary compensation for questionable medical treatments or health impacts. REVEALED: CONSUMERS TAKING DRUG MANUFACTURER GLAXOSMITHKLINE […]

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Bard IVC Lawsuits

If you or a loved one have been implanted with a Bard IVC, you may be at increased risk for experiencing complications including fractures, migration, and other potentially fatal results. Read further to learn how you may qualify to receive financial compensation for medical treatments or negative health impacts. REVEALED: BARD IVC LAWSUITS ON RISE […]

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Top Legal Headlines

DePuy Synthes Attune Knee Implants Failing Lead to Patient Misery

When you go in for a knee implant, you expect to get better, not worse. Unfortunately, there have been more than a few patients who got more than what they bargained for with the DePuy Synthes Attune Knee Implant. If it’s you or a loved one, you need to do what’s necessary to get the […]

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Tasigna Lawsuit Focuses on Illegal Marketing

Get the help you need after experiencing sometimes lethal side effects with taking Tasigna Tasigna is a medication that is supposed to help with leukemia as well as various other health concerns. It’s certainly not supposed to cause harsh side effects. Unfortunately, that’s what has been happening, and you’re not alone in your suffering. Whether […]

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Corperate Greed Never Left the Auto Industry

In the 1970s, auto executive Lee Iacocca was working at Ford Motors. He was tasked at bringing the Ford Pinto into production in record time – 25 months. Normally it took nearly four years from conception of a car to the show room. This car had to weigh under 2,000 pounds and sell for under […]

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