Stryker Pain Pump

Stryker Pain Pump Stryker Pain Pumps are medical devices produced by the Stryker Corporation of Kalamazoo, MI. Stryker is a major manufacturer of these devices, which are designed as small implants which provide an automated flow of medication to a patient via a tiny catheter. They are used for providing a flow of local anesthetic […]

Pain Pump Side Effects

Pain Pump Side Effects Arthroscopy is a non-invasive surgical technique that utilizes small incisions and tiny tools to repair some types of internal damage. A tiny camera is inserted into the body, providing surgeons with a picture of internal injuries. Equally small surgical tools are used to execute the needed repairs. Arthroscopic surgery is often […]

Pain Pump Lawsuit

Pain Pump Lawsuits A substantial health (and now, legal) issue has developed over the use of pain pumps. These devices – formally known as intra-articular pain pumps – are used following surgery to provide pain killers directly to the area around the physical repair. In the case of arthroscopic shoulder surgery, a small but significant […]

Intra Articular Pain Pump

Intra-articular Pain Pump Arthroscopic shoulder surgery procedures are expanding in frequency and popularity. The advent of non-invasive surgery has made it possible to repair joints that have been injured or are simply worn from use. Other technology such as the intra-articular pain pump has made postoperative care a much simpler process. However one of the […]


PAGCL is an acronym for postarthroscopic glenohumeral chondrolysis. This affliction generally develops in the aftermath of arthroscopic surgical shoulder repair – hence the term “postarthroscopic.” Glenohumeral is a term for the ball-and –socket joint formed by the ‘ball’ at the end of the arm bone and the shoulder socket. Arthroscopic surgery on the glenohumeral joint […]