Lupron Class Action

If you received Lupron for the treatment of prostate cancer or endometriosis, read on for some important information you need to know.

According to the National Cancer Institute, there were 241,740 new cases and 28,170 deaths from prostate cancer in the U.S. in 2012. Millions of women in the U.S. suffer with endometriosis, and nearly half all women in the U.S. have been diagnosed with fibroids. These individuals likely have received Lupron as part of their treatment.

Lupron, or leurolide, is a man-made hormone that reduces the amount of estrogen in women or testosterone in men. It is available by prescription only and is used in the treatment of endometrosis and fibroids in women and prostate cancer in men. Lupron is administered through injection under the skin or into a muscle. A patient may be instructed on how to self-inject himself or herself at home. Injections are typically either once a month or every three to six months, depending on the condition being treated.

FDA Investigates Lupron

In 2010, the FDA conducted a safety review of Lupron and other GnRH agonists (testosterone-suppressing drugs) amid reports of increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes in men and bone density loss in women who received Lupron. The review prompted several labeling changes to ensure patient safety. The drug manufacturer, Abbott Laboratories, updated their product labeling and website to include information on these specific risks. For patients who whose lives were affected by Lupron, however, updating product labels is not enough. They want Lupron to be taken off the market.

Lupron Side Effects

Side effects associated with Lupron include:

  • Bone pain
  • Chest pain that radiates to the shoulder or arm
  • High blood sugar
  • Pain, burning, bruising or redness where Lupron was injected
  • Loss of movement in any part of the body
  • Rapid weight gain, swelling
  • Urinating more frequently; painful or difficult urination
  • Dry cough and/or wheezing
  • Feeling like you’re going to faint
  • Sudden headache accompanied with vomiting, blurry vision, confusion, fainting, weak pulse, slow breathing or slow heart rate

Major Pharmaceutical Pays $150 Million to Lupron Victims

Currently there are many websites dedicated to Lupron victims who wish to network and discuss the possibility of filing lawsuits. To date, no class action lawsuit has been filed against Abbott Laboratories for marketing an unsafe drug, but it’s only a matter of time with hundreds of Lupron victims who are eager to hold the company accountable. It wouldn’t be the first time the company ended up in legal hot water over Lupron.

Prescription Access Litigation (PAL), a national coalition of health and human service organizations and consumers, filed a lawsuit in federal court in 2001 against TAP Pharmaceuticals Products (TAP), Inc, Abbott Laboratories and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd. The suit accused the defendants of intentionally inflating the average wholesale price of Lupron, forcing patients to pay more for the drug than they should have. The suit also alleged that physicians received free samples of Lupron and charged patients for them and they received monetary incentives to sell Lupron. The federal government brought civil and criminal charges against TAP, to which the firm plead guilty and agreed pay $875 in penalties. In 2004, TAP agreed to pay $150 million to settle with victims of their fraudulent scheme.

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  1. I took injection back in October 2017 only one injection I refused another one because of how bad it has made me feel I’m still having side effects know that it’s been lil over 4 months I’m having migraines,dizziness,my legs and arms burning I have never felt that in my life all my problems hit me after the shot I stay naseuas forgetting stuff like crazy my memory has faded and getting no better I’m at dr 3 times this week with all these symptoms I will check into the lawsuit I was sitting here at dr office I searched lupron injection lawsuit it just hit me all my problems are most likely from that injection I feel auful weak no energy this is ridiculous I told my mom today I said I just want to feel like I used to my symptoms are getting worse I feel like I’m old person I’m just 43.

  2. Sylvia Colter says:

    After taking Lupron for Prostate cancer my husband became almost immobile after the 3rd. shot and spent 4 days in the hospital because he couldn get out of bed. The diagnosis was, he was tired and needed physical therapy. After 1 year of Lupron he passed away from Cardiac arrest. He never had heart problems before. I think Lupron caused the heart attach.

  3. I took Lupron for IVF treatments. It has been 19 years and I still cannot believe there has not been a lawsuit. Within a few weeks of taking Lupron I had unexplained muscle twitches, which I still have today. I too have an issue with my teeth and onset of anxiety which did not exist prior to this drug. Memory loss is simply rediculous and began almost immediately.
    But, I also had a cranial menengioma which I believe was a result Lupron as well. Ugghhh very frustrating that it has been swept under the rug!

  4. My doctors office gave me a one month sample of lupron, then gave me the depot birth control shot for a month, then another 6 months of lupron for a total of 7 months. My doctor never asked if I had any depression symptoms or issues. Depression runs in my family and I have suffered with it for about 11 years, I am only 23 now. Never have I ever considered suicide nor has it ever crossed my mind. The last three months it has been at the forefront of my mind with almost no relief. I’ve picked up nicotine just to try and numb the thoughts because of how close I’ve come. All I can tell myself is that I hope it gets better when the lupron is over. When I went for my last shot I told the nurse that my depression was getting severe. I had recently argued with the office manager because they didn’t tell me they had not received my medication until I arrived for my appointment. Despite the inconvenience they could not work with me to arrive at 430, because the doctor leaves at 430 even though the office is open until 5. The nurse hardly acknowledged my depression concerns and the following day they sent me a certified letter discharging me from the practice. For the last two months I have been under their lupron treatment but not under their care. Negligence at its finest. No warning of the symptoms, no consideration for how this drug or experience would effect someone who is so young. And no follow up after the treatment is done to know what Im to do next or to see if I’m ok once it’s complete. I feel like I’ve reached rock bottom with this and have no idea where to turn. Prior to this I had to quit taking birth control because of how sensitive I am to the hormone medications. This has been a nightmare filled with depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, worsening of my already poor vision, and the struggles of trying to remain normal around those I am around on a day to day basis. Help?

  5. Betsy lemkin says:

    I only had one shot and I’m so scared .
    I have hot flashes and hair loss .
    It was to shrink my fibroids .
    I worked out to regulate my thyrid, diabetes , adrenal fatigue and I hope by getting this shot, I didn’t ruin all I’ve done . Can someone please message me back ,
    Thanks ,

  6. Kimberly Horn says:

    I was medically discharged from the military in October 1992 where one of the treatments that I was receiving for my endometriosis was lupron shots. Since then over the years, I have had a radical hysterectomy and left without the ability to bare a child. I am now 100% service connected for things that have stemmed from this including major migraines that leave me so debilitated that I receive social security disability because I am no lo ger able to work. My entire life has been seriously altered by what happened in 1990-1992.

  7. My father was taking Eligard aka Lupron, he was not informed of the side effects and thought that bone pain, muscle pain, joint pain, numbness, dizziness, weakness was from the cancer spreading in his body. The pain became so much he took his own life. Guess what one of the severe side effects are….suicidal thoughts and depression. These people are monsters and should be held accountable.

  8. Ms Jackson says:

    I’m taking the Lupron didn’t know the side effects the surgeon or doctors didn’t warn me so now I’m having problems with my bones aching and possible movements different areas and thoughtless my eyes are blurry like vision and it’s number of things is going on I had endometriosis I had the surgery on October 2nd 2017 I’m just healing but I do have bad pain in my body I would like to know if someone knows of an attorney that I can get in touch with because I was fine until I took the Lupron

  9. I took Lupron for 3 months for endometriosis. I had no Idea it caused severe memory loss. I went from being an excellent employee that showed efficiency with high rated yearly evals to an employee with careless mistakes and frequent disciplinary actions for job performance. I would just get stuck in my thoughts and could not remember anything. Sometimes I would forget to spell words. I decided to go to see a neurologist. He sent me for a MRI and EEG. Both test were normal. I eventually quit my job for fear of getting fired. I took a cognitive test which showed memory loss. I am off of Lupron now. The endometriosis pain is back again.

  10. Colleen Simmons says:

    6 months of Lupron and my life has been severely affected. Bone pain in my legs and hips started within weeks of my first injection. The doctor said it was in my head and gave me pain killers. Upon waking I walk as if I am 80 years old and I’m only 37!
    Since my first injection, which never took away the effects of stage 4 endometriosis, I have a handful of new symptoms and issues. I am unable to work due to all of the physical therapy I am involved in and now have to be enrolled in pain management for issues that I never had before Lupron. This has caused much emotional distress as well.
    I am saddened to read of all affected by this poison which was put into our bodies. I was beyond desperate for a solution to my pain and was told if not for this drug I would need a hysterectomy. Call me ignorant but not many people will ever understand the desperation that we seek from the dibilitating pain of endometriosis.
    Not only do I suffer now with additional chronic pain issues, it’s a huge emotional distress as well. I could go on for hours about how this drug has affected my life but right now I can just pray for a solution. Pray that this drug be taken off the market before more lives are affected.

  11. I have had one shot of lupron and now I have problems with my liver. It’s a rare reaction to the lupron that wasn’t even listed! My regular doctor had to research it more! I’m hoping I don’t have much permanent damage done to my liver. I wanna sue this company but I don’t know how to go about it.

  12. I e lost all my back teeth , broken bones for simply tripping. I have heart failure they have no cause for. I have IC and Bowel issues. The headaches are horrible. I believe I was given 12-14 shots of this drug and it did nothing but harm. I ended up with cysts on ovaries and well had to have a hysterectomy eventually. It never helped . I couldn’t even leave my house when I was given the drug the anxiety was so bad. I’ve always believed Lupron was the cause. My mother pushed me to take it. She wanted me to have children at any cost.

  13. Tammi Kenaga says:

    I would please like info for an attorney to fight lupron. It has ruined my life. I now can not work and have no income because of the pain it has caused me.

  14. I received one (three month) shot. It burned at entrance. I am experiencing bone ache, chest pain and shoulder pain. I feel weak most days. I do not want another shot. If I had known I would not have taken this medication.

  15. I was on Lupron few years ago and recently I was again because my VA doctor insisted. I have a diagnostic of Pseudotumor Cerebri (IIH) and 2 days ago they discovered a Pitutuary Tumor in my brain. My Neurologist requested urgently to Stop Lupron as treatment because he is sure this is the cause. My life is already over. This is the worse nightmare. I need help. Please I need a lawyer. I am Veteran.

  16. Debbie Seithel says:

    I took Lupron in 2013. After that is when my world fell apart . I had excruciating bone pain to where I could not work . My husband then , now divorced thought I was psychotic . My Health went into a downward spiral , a once healthy RN was now dealing with Thyroid issues , high blood pressure , high levels of Cortisol and severe anxiety . I refused anymore injections . Fast forward to today , I was diagnosed with a auto immune disorder that nobody in my family has. Psoriatic Arthritis, extreme joint pain and know a knee replacement at the age of 46. I am currently taking numerous medications to try and function as normal as I can . I believe this medication started all my health issues . The FDA needs to remove this from anyone else being tortured with long term side effects .

  17. Barbie Dawn says:

    I was 20 went I received a 6 month injection of lupron…due to endometriosis being a pre-existing I have dealt with since early in my teen years…my insurance wouldn’t cover a lot…my then Dr went through a program a got the drug paid for… well he was on leave and the midwife​ that worked with him calls me up and says my med was in…sooo..I go in… drop my drawers ..and was given a 37.25 mg injection and was sent on my way… little did we know I was pregnant…no pregnancy test.. nothing… lupron depleted my body so much…I am now 36….and I have constant pain in my my hips back and legs…I always had beautiful teeth..they seem to crumble now..I feel like I am missing out on my life and just want it back

  18. This medicine is a poison…I have been literally living a nightmare for 8 years after taking lupron…My life has been turned upside down, I can’t work anymore because i can’t see my vision is very low where i can’t see i always had 20/20 vision and the bad thing about it that glasses want help..I have had a heart attack, nerve damage in both arms and leg, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, mood swings, rash all over my body, shoulders hurt, joint pain and etc…it never end…Every time i look around it something new…I wish i had did my research before taking this poison…My life is ruined…

  19. Christine CaLero says:

    I recently took one dose of Lupron. I’m about to get a partial hysterectomy and my doctor suggested taking the lupron to help shrink my uterus. Since getting the lupron injection my bones and muscles in my legs hurt. I’m only 40 but feel so much older.

  20. Holly mitchell says:

    In 2004 I received 4 Lupron injections to shrink fibroids prior to a partial hysterectomy. During those 4 months of injections I had a breast exam each month. Two months after the hysterectomy I discovered a lump in my breast that turned out to be stage 3 cancer spread to lymph nodes. I started with 36 chemo treatments. Lost my job. Had surgery and radiation. Lost my house. Ten years later a recurrence. More surgery and radiation. Lost my teeth. Oncologist said he was surprised that I survived. Now cancer free…i hope. Until Lupron I was extremely healthy.

  21. On lupron for 10 years. My bones and muscles feel weak. I can no longer exercise or wall much. My quality of life gone…

  22. Concerned Husband says:

    Im deeply concerned for my wife, we were having troubles conceiving and went to a fertility dr and everything. We found she had some ovarian cysts that had to be removed by a surgical procedure. Were given the notion that this will help with conceving a child. We just had to go thru a healing process from the surgury. While recovering her dr prescribed to her Lupron. He explained that she would go thru some changes and to be patient with her and it would be ok after 7 or 6 shot treatment.

    Changes did happen and she began to get real uneasy and did my best to be a good husband. I never did talk back to her and would be more intune with her thoughts in feelings in consideration knowing this was because of the medication. All she did was sleep and cry and was prescribed Zoloft and another depression medication. It helped a lot but she was different, more reserved and judgemental. Almost like she wanted to explain herself but would hold back on whats on her mind.

    After 7 months Dr took her off Lupron. She started to phase of the anti-depressants and back to her sparkly and outgoing loving self. Were told to start right after she had her 1st period off of Lupron. Well, the time went and went and then she started getting cramps but no spotting or period. Few more dr visits they indicated everything was ok and in some this takes time.

    She now has on and off spotted periods and her personality has completely changed. She is more depressed, cries all the time and has brought up suicide several times. I’m so concerned and do not by any means try to create conflict. Finance is not an issue and we have wonderful friends and she is from a good home whome I get along with extremely well. My wife has told me several times that she is sorry and feels so different and not herself anymore. I’m doing my best by being a strong understanding husband and take her out to dinner, shopping even honey moonish vacations. I just want my wife back and not this person that compares herself to everyone creating so much resentment for her.

    Our life has not been the same since that damn Lupron shot. She now questions my whereabouts to and from a golf outing with friends, questioned infidelity, cries regularly, compares herself/us to others, holds grudges and then apologizes and cries again.

    Last incident was 2 weeks ago, she told me she hated me and that I’m an asshole. At her friends B Day dinner that resulted in me leaving. I said to her I’m sorry you felt that way and parted ways for the evening. After coming home she walked the house slowly and asked why I left ? She said she had no Idea that she said it.

    I will never leave her side, I love her more then anything in this world and would do anything in my power to make her feel better.

    Is this something that I can hear some insite on or maybe going thru the same situation.

    – Concerned husband –

  23. Christine says:

    I tonight just thought of looking up to see if there has been any legal action against Lupron.
    My husband had two shots 3 months apart. We decided he shouldn’t have any more as he had so many side effects its been just over a year since the last shot. He can hardly walk, has bone pain, muscle weakness, and just generally in a weakened condition. It has been horrendous. We kept thinking he’d get better, but have come to the realization it’s not going to happen.

  24. I took Lupron injections for 2 months back in the 90s to treat endometriosis. After 2 months on it, my doctor noticed my thyroid was enlarged and ordered tests. It was determined I have Hashimoto’s (Hypothryroidism) and have been on thyroid supplements ever since. My fertility doctor told me he frequently sees that in women who have taken Lupron and wasnt’ surprised. Thirty years later and I’m still on thyroid medication. I wish I had known that was a possibility…I would have tried another option.

    • Go to about law suites a girl, Klein had a law suit about her thyroid but the witness for the Abbott Pharmaceutical Co. lied under oath. Its all there as to the fact the drug has killed and destroyed. It was made for men used for women and children without long term studies. I do not know how this drug has been kept on the market except the drug company sat with Obama and was protected. We need to get the message to our now President. J

  25. Ladies, I was on my way to get this injection today when I felt something in my gut warning me not to get it. I wasn’t aware of the side effects, so I started researching and found this site with your comments. I rescheduled my injection and since reading this have become convinced that I will not go through with it. I’ll still have to pay for it, but I don’t think I will get it now. All this to say, thank you for your comments. They do make a difference and they could have just saved me from the symptoms you now have to endure. I cannot thank you enough for posting your stories and for the warning.

  26. Brooke Sutton says:

    I have endometriosis, and have had teeth fall out, including anxiety depression, mood swings, bone density issues,weight loss issues, I’ve had to quit work, had ovarian cyst, and was on lupron for a while. Once I couldn’t handle all side effects and stopped the injection completely after being told I needed a psychiatrist, however they wanted me to continue the shot after taking three surgeries and an ovary removed at the age of 23, and I’m now 25 in worst condition now than I had ever been before the shot of Satan.

  27. Regina J. says:

    I was on Lupron for 2 yrs, the affect on the human body is unbelievable. Its been 11 yrs and its hard to believe this medication is still on the market.

    Lupron has been all over the internet for years with Women testimonies on how Dangerous this Drug is. Ive read stories from Mother’s children and the other way around, who’ve passed on from this Poison Drug. This drug that they call Lupron has destroyed lives and its still doing it.

    I don’t know exactly what it is going to take to get this Drug off the Market and to Start the Biggest Group Lawsuit after abestos. What I do know is their will be one, I may not live to see it, just as long as this Company pays for all the lives they destroyed and to continue to destroy. If i would have known after 2006 i would be applying for Disability I would never have taken this drug.

    I have the 2006 pamplet they give with the drug and none of the Symptoms we all complain about is up there. They list conditions that you may have for a reason not to take Lupron. Well those conditions they happen to List are the ones you get after taking Luoron. Depression, Migraine headaches, Epilepsy, High Level Cholesterol and Smoking. Ended up with 3 out the 5 the pamplet list. Ive worked two Jobs, driving school bus and armed security…now im on disabilty still as of 2017 dealing with depression and constant bone pain.
    Lupron is so dangerous that it still does something to your body after you have been off it for years. How could that Be?

    I Wish eveyone Good Luck and some sought of Healing.

  28. I took 4 of 6 shots of Lupron 2.5 years ago for stage 4 endometriosis. It was found in my colon and removed along with 6″ of my colon. My obgyn suggested the shot. I wish I had done all of this research before taking the shot. If it had been for the Lord and praying mother, I would not be here today. I developed anxiety, panic attacks, high bp, gi issues, joint and muscle pain, and major weigh gain. I am only 39 and feel like 90. I have recently been having teeth issues. I have had 5 pulled and need one more pulled. For some reason they are all cracking. My doctors will not help me. They say it is not from Lupron at all. I have numerous test done and everything comes back normal. There is no explanation of my pain except Lupron. I was a young, active women before this shot. After the third injection, I ended up in er thinking I was having a heart attack. It was a panic attack. I wish there was some kind of help out there for people that I have suffered from this drug.2146860492

  29. Lynn, I have the same issues with my teeth. I am 39 and have had 5 teeth pulled and about to get another pulled. The strange thing is once they are pulled and there is nothing there, the gum area is still hurting. I also feel like this has aged me terribly. I cant get any help. All my doctors say is NO it is out of your system by now. Why is this drug still being given????

    • My doctor told me the same thing about lupron being out of my system and not the cause of any the issues I now face since taking the drug. Also when I brought my concerns to my doctor through out my 6 month lupron treatment I was told that the drug was safe and “not” causing the symptoms/problems I was experiencing. My last injection was in late February/early march of 2016 and since then I continue to suffer from side effects such as weight gain ( and inability to loose the 45lbs gained despite dietary restrictions/exercise) easily becoming excessively sweating, no sex drive, vaginal dryness the list goes on. Following my doctors recommendation to take lupron was one of my biggest mistakes I ever made but when your told it’s the only chance of having children one day I felt like I had no choice at the time. Feel free to contact me Kristen Ashley on facebook

  30. I was an “experimental” case for Lupron…back in the 90 (s). I took a daily dose of Lupron for 2 1/2 yrs via injections. It was prescribed due to endometriosis and numerous endoangiomas. I felt wonderful on the Drug! Now, 20+ yrs, at age 51yrs, I have developed osteopenia with several fractures to my body. Even putting on clothing causes my ribs to fracture. I have a lot of scar tissue to lungs, with nodules. I developed cluster headaches and take a preventative medication and the list continues. I had to sign an affidavit noting possible side effects. Interesting, no one ever contacted me about the Lupron treatment.

  31. I was given the Lupron Injection for endo back in 2010. It was the worst experience ever. To this day I have joint pain, brain fog, my teeth also turned very bad, I have a lot of dizzy and almost fainting spells also. My body has not been right since I was given this horrible drug! I was never told about any side effects when they suggested this medication. I still get the horrible pains that they “treated” with Lupron. Any action to stop giving this drug to women would be in their benefit.

    • Heather, in case you see this. I too have struggled with endometriosis. Have you joined the Nancy’s Nook FB page? Great information on there to include access to a list of true experts in removing the endometriosis lesions. I had this surgery 10 years ago at the Center for Endometriosis Care in Atlanta…and have been pain and symptom free ever since. It will not help with the side effects of the Lupron, but could save you the pains from endo. I think it should be illegal to push Lupron or other treatments that have never been proven to work for endometriosis. It is also terrible that many Ob/gyns try to treat it by laser which is also ineffective. We need real experts to handle this complex disease, and I pray you seek one out.

  32. Casey Doble says:

    For the last 5 years I have had nothing but problems. I’m 29 years old and I feel like my body is constantly in pain. I have bone pain, joint pain. I tell my husband and doctors all the time I feel like I am a 90 year old woman. I have always thought that lupron was the cause of this. When I had the injections there would be times I couldn’t even walk but body hurt so bad. And since then I have had the same issues. Please help

  33. Inna lurye says:

    It had been 2 years since I got 4 injections of Lupron, since than I can’t recover from severe bone and joint pain, muscle weakness, tiredness, blurry vision, headaches, dizziness, irregular heartbeat. I am 46, but I feel like I am 100. This drug made my life not worth living. What is worst of all, I suffer in complete silence. No doctor would definitively confirm, that my present condition caused by Lupron. I hardly walk, I fear that I won’t be able to work, I am alone and I just don’t think is able to survive after been handicapped by this drug. No one had warned me about potential danger

    • I totally agree. I was on lupron for a year in 2007-2008 for endometriosis. Back then information was easy to contain about anything and everything. I was going through a free care hospital and they put me on lupron. Told me that it was a form of birth control that would put my body through menopause and slow down my endometriosis. I was 25. Beautiful and healthy other than my suffering from endometriosis. Even after the year of it and surgery I never was myself again. Skin breakouts scarred from it now. Bone mass loss. My teeth are pretty much all needing to be pulled and I’m only 34. I went to the doctor years ago for bruising no reason. Was told I must have bumped myself. Body aches was put on pain meds. Chronic migraines was put on seizure medicine to prevent migraines. Was put on estrogen patches. The list goes on and on. I had a severe bloating problem thousands of dollars later no results could say what was causing it. I’m 34 and feel like I’m 100 as well. I miss my skin, my hair, my teeth, my health, and energy before lupron… I miss me…

    • You are not alone Lupron has ruined my life. I am still looking for any help to fix this severe side effects pleas let me know if you are aware of any support or informational groups . I just want my life back.

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