Tasigna Lawsuit Focuses on Illegal Marketing

Get the help you need after experiencing sometimes lethal side effects with taking Tasigna

Tasigna is a medication that is supposed to help with leukemia as well as various other health concerns. It’s certainly not supposed to cause harsh side effects. Unfortunately, that’s what has been happening, and you’re not alone in your suffering.

Whether it’s you or a loved one who has experienced the side effects with Tasigna, it’s important to seek the legal help you need. A lawsuit will help you to get the justice that’s needed for you to move on.

Novartis is the manufacturer of Tasigna. It’s designed to treat chronic myeloid leukemia. It’s the replacement for Gleevec, which used to be on the market up until 2015. Once Tasigna reached the market, there was a lot of marketing for doctors to prescribe the drug to patients. The aggressive marketing was at times unethical and illegal.

There was a failure to warn of the serious risks that patients might endure when taking Tasigna. This includes accelerated and irreversible forms of atherosclerosis and other related conditions. This involves the hardening and narrowing of arteries in the arms, legs, brain, and even heart. This makes it difficult for blood to be delivered.

Research shows that Novartis was aware of the conditions since 2011. Doctors and patients were warned in Canada, though Novartis failed to warn U.S. doctors and patients.

Some patients have experienced the problems and were able to seek medical help. Others died of the condition. The conditions are serious and it’s not uncommon for patients to die as a result of complications from atherosclerosis. The arterial blockages are often severe and Tasigna has been associated with more than one death.

The warnings have yet to come from the drug company and this means that more and more people may continue to experience the risks and side effects. The drug is meant to help with leukemia, not make a person experience even more severe health problems.

There’s no way to reverse atherosclerosis and the related conditions. However, there is a way to bring justice to what has happened. Whether you have incurred a large number of medical bills as a result of dealing with the side effects of Tasigna or you have lost a loved one because of medical complications, it’s important to get involved in the lawsuit.

This will allow you to have your case heard and seek financial compensation. It’s not going to reverse what has happened, but it will allow you to move forward.

As more and more people take legal action, it will also help to hold Novartis responsible for their failure to come forward about the risks.

No patient should take a drug without knowing the side effects and the drug manufacturer used illegal and unethical marketing tactics to sell their product. You can be part of the solution that helps the company to pay for what they did wrong.

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