Fentanyl Class Action

Pain Patch Pending Recall Due to Patients Deaths

Fentanyl Duragesic Pain Patch Linked to Side Effects and Even Death

If you or someone you love was prescribed a Fentanyl pain patch and later suffered from side effects or death, you may be eligible for a class action lawsuit.

Many patients who were prescribed Fentanyl received defective patches causing a sometimes lethal overdose of the medication.

In 1990 the United States Food and Drug Administration first approved the Fentanyl duragesic patch. This medication is a patch that attaches to the skin and is a high powered opioid or narcotic pain killer. The patch is usually prescribed for patients experiencing moderate to severe chronic pain that is not helped by other drugs. Patients who are taking other narcotic drugs should not use the Fentanyl patch. An overdose of the medication can cause serious side effects and can even be fatal. Children should also not use the Fentanyl patch.

Patients who were given the patch sometimes experienced serious side effects including:

  • difficulty breathing
  • shortness of breath
  • dizziness
  • confusion

Other side effects include:

  • constipation
  • nausea
  • dry mouth
  • sweating
  • weakness

The Fentanyl patch is manufactured by a number of different companies including Actavis Inc, Alza Corporation, and Janssen Pharmaceutica Products. The patch is also marketed in a generic form known as Sandoz by PriCara, Mylan, Watson and Johnson & Johnson companies.

Over the past few years, specific lot number recalls have been issued based on patient complaints and lawsuits filed by family members. The problem with some of the Fentanyl transdermal patches include a defect which causes it to fold over and leak the potent gel. Because Fentanyl is a schedule II opioid medication, exposure to the gel can cause serious effects to the respiratory system and could lead to an overdose of the medication.

As more and more patients are reporting problems with the Fentanyl patch, class action lawsuits are becoming more prevalent. People who think they may have been affected by the patch or a loved one who may have suffered serious side effects when using the patch should contact a legal professional.

Whether the patch was defective and created side effects from an overdose of medication or if the patch was used in conjunction with other pain medications, monetary compensation may be available.

People involved in the Fentanyl class action suit are claiming the companies were aware of the potential effects of large doses of the medication. Patients who were affected have suffered from serious respiratory complications resulting in hospitalization and sometimes death. Defective patches were known to leak gel without the knowledge of the patient or caregivers.

Coming into contact with the Fentanyl gel could be lethal because of the potent dosage. Expensive hospital and doctor bills are allowing patients or family members to join in the class action lawsuit to try and recoup some of the damages, both financially and pain and suffering for patients and family members. If you think you may have a case, contact legal counsel today.

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  1. I was prescribed the fentanyl patch for back pain resulting from a car accident/broken back. 12mcg made me very sick. 3 weeks after my dosage was upped to 25mcg. I admitted myself to a mental facility for suicide scare. Immediately upon release I filed a complaint with the FDA, reporting the side effects I experienced.

  2. Danny Campbell says:

    Yes I would like to speak to somebody about the fentanyl patch my wife was taking the patch eye doctor took her off of it now she has heart failure please contact me please contact me I would like to speak to somebody thank you

  3. Tracie Billingsley says:

    I was prescribed the fentanyl patch several years ago, for small fiber neuropathy. I have since developed Hashimoto’s thyroid issues as well as a slue of other side effects.
    I have been unable to function or work for several years now.
    I have years of medical record, please contact me asap.

    • Melva De Leon says:

      I was prescribed the patch for10+ years for Arthritis and I’ve been left physically damaged, mentally damaged and permanently scarred. I was hospitalized several times and sent to the ER multiple times over the years. I hope that I get help and put a stop to this madness.

      Melva De Leon

  4. Howard Luttrell says:

    I was given fentanyl patches by a pain doctor in Memphis. The patches could vary from a lot of pain relief but also would take me to very low; sleepy, etc. I had a near death car accident when the patch left me in an almost unconscious state. As best I remember, I just fell asleep while driving and was told I was air-lifted me to the trauma center in Memphis. Was in a coma for around 8 days and then in an in-patient physical therapy program and in a wheelchair for nearly 3 months. This left me in poor shape and cost me my job as a college teacher.

  5. Beverly. Edwards says:

    I would like to take part in this action. My name is Beverly Edwards phone 6235847765. I had taken this drug for 6 years. When I stopped I had a heart attack. Please contact

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