Fentanyl Class Action

Pain Patch Pending Recall Due to Patients Deaths Fentanyl Duragesic Pain Patch Linked to Side Effects and Even Death If you or someone you love was prescribed a Fentanyl pain patch and later suffered from side effects or death, you may be eligible for a class action lawsuit. Many patients who were prescribed Fentanyl received […]

Fentanyl Recall

Fatal Side Effects from a Pain Relieving Patch Overdoses & Other Problems from Fentanyl If you or someone you love has suffered from Fentanyl patches, you aren’t alone and you don’t have to be the one to shoulder all of the financial downfalls as a result. Addiction, liver damage and even death have resulted from […]

Fentanyl Side Effects

Fentanyl is a synthetic narcotic – eighty times as powerful as morphine – that was developed in the 1950s as treatment for patients with severe and/or chronic pain. The drug is marketed under several trade names. Duragesic is a fentanyl skin patch; Actiq is a fentanyl lozenge; Fentora is fentanyl in pill form; other products […]

Fentanyl Patch

Fentanyl is an extremely potent synthetic narcotic that was developed by Janssen Laboratories in the 1950s. It is used both as an analgesic (painkiller) and as an anesthetic.  In its pure form, fentanyl is eighty times stronger than morphine; that makes it extremely useful as an analgesic and also extremely popular among narcotics addicts. The […]

Fentanyl Lawsuits

Fentanyl is the generic name for an extremely potent synthetic narcotic developed by Janssen Laboratories in the 1950s. Often used for cancer patients, the drug is delivered with a transdermal skin patch that allow for slow absorption through the skin over a 72 hour period. The fentanyl patch is marketed by Janssen under the name […]