Fen Phen

Fen Phen Side Effects are Still Appearing

Situations Worsening from Fen Phen Taken Years Ago

If you have had problems with the diet drug Fen Phen, there is help available to you – even if you have received a previous settlement from the drug manufacturer.

Aortic and mitral valve replacement surgeries are common amongst those who took Fen Phen years ago. You shouldn’t have cardiovascular problems from a diet drug, so it’s important to seek good legal representation.

Throughout the 1990s, there was a diet drug on the market by the name of Fen Phen. It has been estimated that between 6 and 7 million people throughout the United States took the drug at one time or another to help with their weight loss goals.

There was a Fen Phen settlement trust created in order to help compensate those who had experienced the harsh side effects – including heart valve surgeries. The settlement trust was in the amount of $3.75 billion. The serious health complications that were being experienced led to the product being pulled from the market, but not before thousands of people felt the health side effects.

In January 2002, the settlement became final and people were given a limited time to file a claim. Essentially, it meant that anyone who had experienced serious or fatal health problems were able to file a claim with the settlement trust in order to get compensation.

The problem with this is that many people took the settlement and they have since experienced more severe problems and have had to have various heart surgeries conducted in order to improve their health. The most common problem is PPH or primary pulmonary hypertension, which can be fatal.

Those who have taken the settlement are now concerned that they are going to be unable to pay for all of their new medical bills as a result of having taken the settlement when they did. However, many people have experienced a decline in health since the settlement took place in 2002.

There is now a significant amount of people going back to the Fen Phen drug manufacturers looking for additional compensation. If you or a loved one has had a decline in health since you were first given a settlement, don’t assume that you are powerless. With the help of a competent lawyer, you can seek the financial compensation that you require for all of your pain and suffering as well as the coverage for medical bills to cover any new surgeries that you may require.

No one knew how severe the side effects would be when Fen Phen was taken off the market and the trust was established. While many people then were being diagnosed with cardiovascular problems, no one anticipated further symptoms to show up over 10 years later – but they have and they have been linked with taking Fen Phen.

You need to seek legal representation now to begin building your case and join the many individuals across the US who are also seeking compensation from the drug manufacturer.

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