Actos Class Action

People who are afflicted with diabetes and the professionals who care for them are always on the lookout for new medications the promise great benefits with little risk. A Japanese drug manufacturer named Takeda was thought to have such a drug with a product called Actos. Actos is an oral medication for people who suffer […]

Actos Recall

Used to treat diabetes, Actos is a dangerous drug that causes serious bladder and heart problems. Read on to discover its dangers and your options. If you have diabetes, you know the challenges of managing it. If you don’t take care of yourself, you face serious risks like numbness and tingling in your hands and […]

Actos Side Effects

Actos Side Effects May be Worse than High Blood Sugar Side Effects Can Be Severe When Using Actos to Treat Diabetes If you or a loved one has used Actos and experienced side effects that were more than what you had expected, you aren’t alone. Ocular, hepatic and cardiovascular side effects are not the norm […]

Actos Lawsuits

UPDATE: A settlement has been reached. If you or a loved one contracted bladder cancer as a result of using Actos you need to file your claim now! The Actos (Pioglitazone Hydrochloride) lawsuit has been lodged against Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the makers of Actos. Actos was initially developed to treat diabetes in people who were suffering […]


The prescription drug Pioglitazone, has been sold under the trademark name Actos. Doctors were prescribing the drug more often than many in the United States in 2008. Actos was among the top ten best selling medications in the nation with net sales in the billions. Did the side effects become a risk after proper research? […]